Web and Graphic Designer

I recently completed an Associate Certificate at the British Columbia Institute of Technology with the goal of acquiring skills to bridge the distance between my background in film, writing and my teaching experience. Beginning in high school and continuing through my university days as I completed a degree in film studies, I learned the technical skills for filmmaking: screenwriting, storyboarding, cinematography and editing. I made several short films and had my work exhibited in numerous film festivals. From teaching I also developed materials for a variety of different activities, levels and cultures, for classes as well as exams. Steve Jobs said that the future lies in the intersection of creativity and technology and my goal is to work in combining these diverse skills.

Since then, I did an internship where I designed prototypes and wireframes with Adobe Creative Cloud and implemented the pages with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.


Year Institution Description
2016 Joniland, Montréal, Québec Designed wireframes and prototypes for a network for elementary schools and daycares, using Adobe Experience XD. Developed designs into websites using HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.


Year Institution Description
2014-2016 British Columbia Institute of Technology, Vancouver, British
Associate Certificate in Web Technologies. HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript and jQuery, Adobe Illustrator, Data Analytics, SQL, Project Management, Content Management, Writing for the Web, UX/UI design, InDesign, Advanced Photoshop, Bootstrap and WordPress, Premiere, Audition, AfterEffects (intro)
2000-2004 Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Film and Media: learned fundamentals in shooting on film and video, editing with
Final Cut Pro, creating video for the web, theory in semiotics and popular culture
1998, 2002, 2003 Gulf Islands Film and Television School,
Galiano Island, British Columbia
Did additional training in writing, shooting and editing short films (narrative and documentary)

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