Physics of the Future–Michio Kaku’s Optimistic Vision

A few months ago I read a book called
Physics of the Future
by scientist and author
Michio Kaku
. It was very interesting and made me understand some of the advances
and developments in technology thanks to physics and some of what we might be able
to expect in the future.

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5 Ted Talks Worth Checking Out

The TED Talks are in Vancouver this week, which is a big deal for the tech industry here. I first became a fan of the TED talks as a teacher, finding that the succinct, interesting and motivating talks were very useful as a dynamic listening activity for my students, often leading to interesting discussion. They also bring together a lot of things I’m most passionate about–film, technology, education and social change. I may not have $8500 to attend the conference but I did go watch a few talks at the livestream at the Vancouver Public Library. However, the best thing about the conference is that the talks are put online, eventually, for everyone to enjoy. Here are five talks worth checking out:

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