New Technology, New Rules: A Look at Some of the Earliest Examples of Virtual Reality Cinema

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The “Golden Age of TV” and how Changes in Technology Unlock Waves of Creativity

Every century, changes in technology allow a new art form to take hold. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, it was the spread of the printing press that enabled the novel to reach the heights that it did. In the twentieth century, it was the feature film. Both exist today, and have their own advantages that will give them staying power well into the future. The novel remains the consummate look into the mind, and the written form is the best way to express ideas. Film has the potential to bring together many of the elements of storytelling from novels as well as drama, art, photography and music.

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Code is Poetry: WordCamp and WordPress, Part Two

Coding: The Grammar, and the Theory

There were three components to the conference: general talks, topics specific to developers, and a training track for people starting out. Since I’m taking a course in the WordPress software this fall and am an aspiring developer, I went to a couple of the more advanced developer talks. The first was Debugging CSS by Stephanie Hobson of Mozilla. As I’m also taking a course in CSS (Cascading Style Sheets, which affect the presentation of a website) it was good to have a refresher. Programming languages are a bit like spoken languages, except that it is absolutely crucial not to make any grammar mistakes, something that is quite challenging.
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Return to Guanajuato

From the first time I heard about Eisenstein in Guanajuato, it sounded like a movie had been made just for me: the story of a young filmmaker who has a same sex relationship in Guanajuato. Some of that is not entirely unlike my own life, although there are substantial differences and I live in a very different era. And it did not disappoint in portraying any of these things.
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The Last Few Months, and the Future

I know, it’s been a few months since you last heard from me. It’s been busy as I’ve been taking courses and working on my novel.

I also wanted to have some time to reflect on the direction and structure I’d like this blog to take. It began as a project for a course that I intended to continue after the class finished. The structure of the class however necessitated that I do a lot of writing very quickly, which isn’t quite how I plan to approach it. It was also useful to get feedback both from the instructor and readers to see what people found most interesting, and what I found most compelling to write.

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5 Ted Talks Worth Checking Out

The TED Talks are in Vancouver this week, which is a big deal for the tech industry here. I first became a fan of the TED talks as a teacher, finding that the succinct, interesting and motivating talks were very useful as a dynamic listening activity for my students, often leading to interesting discussion. They also bring together a lot of things I’m most passionate about–film, technology, education and social change. I may not have $8500 to attend the conference but I did go watch a few talks at the livestream at the Vancouver Public Library. However, the best thing about the conference is that the talks are put online, eventually, for everyone to enjoy. Here are five talks worth checking out:

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The Future of Images–What I’ve Learned About Vector Graphics

Eiffel Tower

It’s funny. I started taking courses at BCIT to get employable skills, but in a lot of ways I’ve ended up as more of an artist and writer than before. One course got me writing this blog, and another has got me learning how to create vector graphics, which has got me producing art. In the process I’ve learned a lot about how many of the images we now see in advertisements and film are now produced, especially in animation.

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